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Summer Lake Levels

  • Lake Hamilton 398.9’ – 399.9’ – target of 399.7’
  • Lake Catherine 303’ – 305’ – target of 304.25’

2022-2023  Winter Lake Levels – Five Foot Drawdown

  • Lake Hamilton 394.2’ – 395.2’ – target of 394.7’
  • Lake Catherine 298’ – 300’ – target of 299’ 

The annual drawdown begins on November 1 of each year and the refill of both lakes will begin between March 1 and March 8 of the following year. The refill is scheduled to be completed each year by March 15.

Entergy to require boat dock inspections

With all of the new legal signage/regulatory requirements and concerns over condition based shock hazards, Entergy will require all single family "residential" facilities (boat dock, swim deck, boardwalk, etc.) located on our property to be inspected prior to transfer of permit. This new requirement will begin on Jan. 1, 2018. This requirement will currently only apply upon change of ownership of existing facilities.

Entergy is working with local Arkansas licensed home inspectors to build a condition based report not unlike that of current home inspections. It is Entergy’s intent for this report to be a benefit to all who purchase property connected to lakes Hamilton and Catherine. Not only will the potential buyer be supplied with information on the condition of the structures but also on its compliance with Entergy requirements. Like with a home inspection this requirement will fall on the home buyer to procure. In the event a property seller would like to have this service completed as a pre inspection, Entergy will honor this inspection for 1 year and is transferable to one buyer for submission as a part of the permit transfer process.

Entergy is working with local inspectors in hopes of limiting this expense. We will only honor reports with all required info and submitted by an Arkansas Home Inspection Registration Board Certified inspector. We will be placing a list of inspectors that have gone through Entergy training on our website ( so you can feel secure that a report submitted by them will be accepted.

These reports will at times contain deficiencies (signage, electrical condition, size and position of facilities, etc.) that must be corrected prior to transfer. It is recommended these issues be corrected prior to sale.

Entergy Shoreline Management will be here to assist throughout the process. It is our sincere hope this will make our lakes safer and more enjoyable into the future.

Lakes Hamilton and Catherine are a part of Project 271, a hydroelectric project licensed by the Federal ϳԹ Regulatory Commission. Entergy operates these lakes and associated lands subject to the license issued and administered by FERC. FERC's license requires Entergy to manage use and occupancy of project lands and waters for public use and recreation.

This page was prepared by Entergy to provide the public with much-needed information about the project, its management, and what rights and responsibilities the public has to use of the project lands and water.

Entergy maintains and operates, but does not own the Toledo Bend Reservoir, on the Sabine River where it borders Texas and Louisiana. Toledo Bend, near the towns of Burkeville, Texas, and Many, La., is capable of generating 80 megawatts of power.