We aspire to contribute to a society that is healthy, educated and productive, where none of our customers live in poverty and the environment poses no threat to future generations. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. We embrace these global goals and have identified eight primary impact areas that align most closely with our corporate social responsibility strategy and supports our overall business objectives.

We have established five-year goals focused on making measurable contributions to the achievement of these UNSDGs:

Breaking the cycle of poverty

We are helping develop lasting solutions for customers in need in the communities we serve, which include some of the highest poverty regions in the United States. We fund critical social safety net services, such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, to help individuals and families achieve economic self-sufficiency. Learn more about how we are working to end poverty

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Low-income/poverty solutions

Achieving food security

Meeting the basic needs of our most vulnerable customers, such as providing hot meals, is foundational to Entergy’s corporate social responsibility objectives. to address food insecurity are a vital step in our strategy to develop and support poverty solutions.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Low-income/poverty solutions

Investing in brighter futures

Through funding and advocacy, Entergy helps provide access for all families — particularly low-income working families — to high-quality, early-childhood education programs. We also support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM activities to help create a talent pipeline for Entergy and other local industries. to improve educational outcomes.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Education and workforce development

Ensuring energy equity for vulnerable customers

Through our affordability programs, we’re helping ensure all customers have access to affordable and clean energy, regardless of their financial situation. to increase the flow of assistance funding to our customers.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Low-income/poverty solutions

Preparing the workforce of tomorrow

We encourage economic growth in our service area by expanding workforce training opportunities and boosting economic stability for our customers. to support continuous training for local workers and improved accessibility to financial services for all.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Low-income/poverty solutions and Education and workforce development

Being a good steward of the land

Entergy is a good steward of the land, wildlife and natural resources in our care. We are taking action to maintain, enhance or conserve biodiversity. for reforestation, wetland restoration and volunteer support to environmental initiatives.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Environmental programs

Giving back to our communities

Entergy is committed to helping our communities achieve equal access to justice for all. We have goals for growing our initiative to provide pro bono legal assistance to underserved customers. Learn more .

Entergy’s philanthropic focus area: Low-income/poverty solutions

Being a good partner

Volunteerism is a strategic pathway to building and strengthening our community partnerships to achieve net benefits for all. for increasing employee volunteer hours to improve our communities.

Entergy’s philanthropic focus areas: Low-income/poverty solutions, Education and workforce development, Environmental programs